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Elevating the Backdrop of Your Everyday

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Sanford Collective is a female-owned residential interior design studio based in Charleston, South Carolina that curates thoughtfully detailed, richly layered, and bespoke environments designed to endure.

The studio’s aesthetic is not defined by a particular era, movement, or genre but driven by the belief that comfort and style, history and modernity, restraint and statement, pragmatism and creativity can—and should—coexist. 


We believe every project is an opportunity to tell the story of a family and a place at a moment in time, and that the best homes wordlessly convey the dreams and lifestyles of the people inhabiting them.


Our affinity for creating that intangible feeling of “home” is the motivation behind all of the spaces we curate.




While no two projects are the same, the approach to every space designed by Sanford Collective, is always guided by a meticulous exploration of form, color, texture, movement, the careful consideration of function and application, and respect to the context and narrative of each unique location. 


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