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The Hopping House: A 17th-century dutch-colonial NJ farmhouse


The Charleston Queen 

Architect: Bevan & Liberatos
Contractor: TNF Charleston 

151 Queen Front Door.webp

In Progress: Gibbes Project 

Architect: Sebastian von Marschall 

Contractor: Rockwell Construction 

Screen Shot 2022-12-27 at 10.07.16 AM.png

In Progress: Fairbanks 

Architect: Michael Hally 

Contractor: O'Connor 

Screen Shot 2022-12-27 at 10.13.43 AM.png

In Progress: Barbara Street 

Architect: Ink & Moss 

Contractor: Nantuk Homes 

Screen Shot 2022-12-27 at 10.19.04 AM.png

In Progress: Cherry Street Cottage

Architect: Chatauk 

Contractor: TNF Charleston 

Screen Shot 2022-12-04 at 11.07.55 AM.png

In the Press

Charleston Home + Design Magazine, Fall 2022 

2.jpg, September 2022 

Screen Shot 2022-09-28 at 8.36.03 AM.png

 “Fill it with a mix of pretty objects like a beautiful candle with a cloche, a chic glass match striker, a reeded diffuser, a plant, or even a beautiful tissue box cover.” 

In Kind, Spring 2021 Issue 2

"My feed is peppered more with interior accounts, and I have realized how truly talented some of the women in my world are at making their houses comfortable and approachable, yet elegant and thoughtful. One such friend is Emily Sanford, a publicist turned interior designer behind the Sanford Collective—and a new resident of Charleston, South Carolina."


Coveteur, November 2021

Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 9.08.44 AM.png


The Zoe Report

“The art deco trend first appeared in home and fashion when a renewed sense of optimism and hope was emerging after World War I,” Emily Sanford, founder of the Charleston-based design firm, Sanford Collective, says of the trend’s origins. “I think we’re all feeling that renewed sense of hope and optimism now as we start to emerge from the worst of the pandemic and vaccines are rolling out.”

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