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Full Service Interior Decorating

Full-service interior design is an end-to-end experience that accounts for everything needed to fully furnish and decorate a space (including elements from wall colors and light fixtures down to shelf detailing). Through a collaborative process with the client, we develop and implement a tailor-made design with concierge-level attention to detail. You will receive furniture layouts and design plans, custom curation of selections, procurement of orders from our vast library of trade-only vendors, white-glove delivery, installation, styling, and more. This service can be used on a single room, a group of rooms, or throughout your entire home.


Looking to integrate our services at the start of a renovation or new build? Check out our full-service design-build experience.

  • What does an interior designer do and how are they different than an architect or contractor?
    An interior designer’s focus is the form and function of a space. We partner with clients to achieve a desired aesthetic and design that enhances their lifestyle. We also partner closely with contractors, architects, and third-party tradesmen —as needed, based on the type and scale of the project. Bringing an interior designer into the technical/planning phase of your project can make all the difference. Our role can take many forms: from providing high level feedback after reviewing blueprints and technical drawings, to designing interior spaces and/or architectural details.
  • How does the interior designer fit into the project team on a new build or renovation?
    Having an advocate who gets your style and speaks the same language as your build team is essential when you’re looking to bring your vision to life. We may join the project at any phase work in lockstep with contractors, architects, and trades as part of a team of professionals who are working in concert to produce a comprehensive and collaborative design program. Our studio’s full-service approach prefers joining the project at the beginning and following through construction to completion, ensuring a holistic and mutual vision between interior design and architecture, however we can seamlessly integrate at any time.
  • What do I need to know about hiring an interior designer?
    The most important thing to know is that working with an interior designer can be a rewarding, stress-free process. In addition to helping you create a beautiful home, we can also help you define a budget and the scope of your project and manage the project from conception to completion.
  • What is ‘full service’ interior design?
    Full service interior design is a turn-key service that takes the project from concept to completion and is typically a long-term, multi-phase endeavor. Beginning with the existing architecture and following through construction and final installation, we take care of every detail—from sourcing items to working with tradespeople and even coordinating orders and deliveries. At the end, we install the new design and all that’s left for you to do is enjoy your new space.
  • How do you establish your design fee?
    Each project presents its own unique challenges. We begin with an initial proposal to determine the scope of work, the budget, and provide details on our fee’s as well as estimates on the cost of furnishings, fixtures, etc. We are committed to transparency with our clients and will provide regular updates so that you always know where you stand in the project.
  • How does the process work?
    For local work, the first step is to complete our inquiry form. We will then reach out to you to get a better understanding of your project and the scope of work involved. At that point, we can explain how our process works in greater detail, begin discussing budgets and pricing, and answer any questions you may have. If we're a good fit, we’ll set up an onboarding meeting. During this meeting we’ll talk through the details of timeline, budget, and specific concerns to create a complete scope of work. We use this information to craft a proposal unique to your project. We then present our proposal including our plan for executing the design, budget and timeline. Here are some things to consider before submitting an inquiry: Consider Your Goals Ahead of Time: It is crucial to know your goals for each room or home. Discuss Your Budget: It is a great idea to discuss and figure out your budget prior to our initial meeting. At least a ballpark. The idea is to let us know what quality you are wanting. If you have wonderful architecture, then you need wonderful furniture to complete the look. It’s also helpful to know your priorities. For instance, maybe you want to splurge on your entry and living room, but take a more budget-oriented approach to your lower level or kids room. Prepare Yourself to be Open & Transparent: I love to meet people and get to know them and their environments. It is so fulfilling to me to help them achieve their heart's desires and add value to their largest investment, their home. It is important to be open to thoughts that you may not have had – that’s what a designer is here to help with! My job is to help clients create spaces that inspire them and function extremely well. Spend Time Searching out Your Preferences: I can't stress enough how much pictures from you help. Look for pictures of things you love, not just like. It is very hard to find a room that is exactly what you want, so a variety of pictures of items that you love will help. One might have your desired area rug. Another the floor lamp you have to have. And maybe a completely separate photo of artwork. Pinterest is a wonderful site for this. The more you show, the more it helps me. It might even help you determine what you like and it helps narrow down your design style. Lots and lots of pictures! How do you need your spaces to work? What we require of our homes and living spaces has changed greatly in the last decade, and those needs have been thoughtfully incorporated into the very foundation of the Sanford Collective. Think about what this space will be used for, who will be using it and how it will be used. Is it a high traffic area that will be used by all? Or is it a personal space for one person? If pets and kids will be running rampant throughout the space, that’s something to think about too. Storage is a big consideration in design, and is always something to think about! If your space needs to serve multiple purposes, such as a guest bedroom doubling as an office, this is important to note.
  • How do you present your design ideas?
    For local clients, we present all the details during an in-person presentation. We provide as many samples as possible and walk you through the proposed design. You’ll then have the opportunity to review the design plan and we’ll tweak things as necessary to make sure the design is just right. We love client feedback! We’ll send share these mood-boards, product specifications, and other details in physical and digital forms so you’ll always have access to them.
  • What is an estimated timeline?
    How quickly would you like your space finished is a good question to consider before reaching out. Every project is different, but a typical timeline for a furnishing project ranges between 12-20 weeks. Renovation and building projects can last a year or more. Timelines are unique to each project and will vary.
  • What is the clients role?
    We work one-on-one with clients to solve their design problems of every scale. From concept to execution, we tailor our work to each client. We view our clients as active collaborators and love learning about how they’ll use the space, how they need it to function, what their likes and dislikes are. We curate bespoke environments that are a reflection of our clients lives and stories
  • Communication
    Don’t be afraid to ask questions. In fact… we love them! When you have questions, ask them. And not only do we encourage this, also give feedback when you have it. This will prevent any miscommunication or confusion down the line. We’re always on hand to answer questions and we plan site visits according to the scope of your project. We establish a regular schedule of meetings and calls to help everyone stay connected. In the busiest phases, interior design clients and the working construction team are asked to be available at least once a week to check in to the project. We also have a client portal and an active timeline and budget available to you at all times so you can easily see the progress of your project and feel included in the process.
  • How is furniture purchases and installed?
    Once the design plan is approved and specifications have been confirmed, we move forward with the purchasing of all items. Furnishings are invoiced at the time of approval and are sold to you at or below retail cost. Our Procurement Specialist will place and track all of your orders and manage deliveries. Our white-glove service includes installation of everything from hanging window treatments and art to arranging rugs and furniture.
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